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Review- MST3K: The Atomic Brain June 2, 2007

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Atomic Brain

Well time to do my first review of anything! I will start with a season five episode from my favorite TV Show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Let’s Begin!

The Short

The short opens with a group of 50’s white teenagers bumping into another car that’s sitting at a stop sign.  When the man in the other car gets out, the hoods beat him up and rob him.  Later the hoods pick up another member of their gang who then figures out that the man the others beat up was his dad. He is surprisingly upset about this and he drops out of the gang. The next day at school, the rest of the gang threatens him, so he and some of his nerdy friends race over to speak at a town council meeting on juvenile delinquency.

The Movie

This messy film is about mean old rich lady who finances a scientist’s research in brain transference so he can put her brain in a young female’s body (since she is nearly 90 years old). In order to get some more bodies, she hires three females to be maids (really just wanting their bodies). The women slowly begin to suspect that something strange is going, particularly when one of them begins meowing like a cat because the doctor transplanted a feline brain into her body. Now the two remaining women want to escape, but cannot. I won’t say what happens in the end but you tell they wanted make a sequel.

Host Segments

Prologue:  The ’Bots rehearse their play called “Love Letters”
Segment One (Invention Exchange):  M&tBs invent… the Mads;  to counter, the Mads invent Crow and Tom Servo
Segment Two:  Tom transforms himself into a weather satellite: Weather Servo 9
Segment Three:  Mike demonstrates a chin puppet, but the ’Bots don’t get it
Segment Four:  Magic Voice meets the Voice-Over from the movie
Segment Five (End):  Green Acres’ Mr. Kimble is The Fugitive;  letters;  Dr. Fist visits Frank
Stinger:(Stinger missing from Rhino Home Video release) I think it’s was one of the girls screaming.

The Review

The short is very dated about how Teenagers are WAY out of control. Mike and the Bots do a fantastic job at “riffing” it. The main hoodlum some how reminds me of Donald Trump, maybe by his eyes, ah but anyway, cheesy short; great short.

On to the movie, it’s pretty funny on its own. A messy story, bad foreign accents, and bad effects. Mike and the bots do great riffing on it. The Host Segments are pretty funny, the highlight being the invention exchange with the Bots as the Mads and The Mads as well… the Bots. Also another great segment with Magic Voice talking to Voice guy from the movie.

While it may be best to watch this with more than just yourself, it’s a classic episode in my book and showing how Mike is getting better at riffing.

The Short: B+
The Movie: B-
Host Segments: B+
Episode: A-


ps. Buy the episode on DVD!



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