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Review- MST3K Vol 11! August 13, 2007

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vol11co.jpgThe MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 COLLECTION continues with Volume 11. Rhino presents four more episodes from the Satellite of Love. Laugh, groan, writhe and laugh again with Joel, Mike, Tom Servo and Crow as they deliver jokes and judgments on cinema’s difficult children.


206- RING OF TERROR ****

Joel with his invention “pin-bolus” from Ring Of Terror!A short pointless movie about a collage kid (who is really 40 years of age) who is dared into getting a ring from a dead guy’s hand, then dies—pretty much the whole story. Joel and the bots do the best they could with this mess. Also for the first (and last) time they riff a short AFTER the movie.


Lon Chaney’s eyes.Lon Chaney Jr. plays a dead butcher who is re-animated and goes to kill the people that did him wrong. A dull film that Joel and the bots couldn’t save. But the host segments were pretty funny.

414- TORMENTED ***

 A envy ghost haunts a ex love because he is getting married to another girl. A decent B movie that Joel and the bots make fun of quite nicely.


Werespider!After their plane crashes near some abondon island, a group of dance girls and their male manger do….really nothing. Soon the manger gets bitten by a spider and becomes some kind of werewolf spider and is only seen for 5 minutes. This movie is terrible! The whole story with the spider and monster is really just a side story as the main story was just the girls half naked and fighting. Mike and the bots do the best they could do with this mess and save it. The highlight episode of this boxset and the last B&W movie MST did before the show ended.



 This extra includes 10 more songs from the series:

  • Clown in the Sky
  • The Janitor Song
  • The Greatest Frank of All 
  • When Loving Lovers Love
  • Sodium!
  • Sidehackin’
  • The Many Tunes of Gamera
  • A Patrick Swayze Christmas (one of their greatest songs!)
  • The Bomb Song
  • Hobgoblins
  • This volume contains songs from already release episodes, but still a nice little extra.


     Bert I. Gordon (writer/director), Susan Gordon (little Sandy) and Joe Turkel (Blackmailer Captain Nick) talk for 20 mintues about filming the movie and their careers . While it is not earth-shattering, but it’s pretty fun. Joe Turkel is a little too much, and I think he makes Susan uncomfortable at a couple points. MST3K is not mentioned.


     Introductions and concluding remarks that Jack Perkins (Played by Mike) did when Tormented (along with others) was broadcast in two parts on the Play MST Hour. I feel this is the highlight extra on this set.

    TRAILERS FOR THE MOVIES (except Ring of Terror) ****

     Fun littles extras too set you in the mood for the movie (or lie about the movie).


    A HeadThis is a decent set that had semi less than average episodes (none of which made 5 stars in my review) and decent extras (at least they have some!). Also all the movies on this set are public domain (meaning they have no copyright and can be used for what ever you want) so Rhino can’t lose the rights to this set (like the last set). So this is a good set but not great.




    One Of The Greatest Simpsons’ Clip August 4, 2007

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    RIP Ingmar Bergman July 31, 2007

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    Stolen from YTMND:

    To Catch a Predator- Funniest Show Ever! July 19, 2007

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    Thanks to the Internet, many males who have the idea that young girls around the ages of 13 to 15 will have sexy time with them, get on them myspace type chat sites to see if their ever loving dream can come true. But thanks to Chris Hansen, we can all sit together and watch as hilarity ensues on Dateline NBC’s To Catch a Predator as these males thinking they’re gonna have fun with a minor, instead have Hansen embarrassing them with reading what they had said in their chat with the minor (which is really law enforcement officials posing as teenagers) and asking “What are you doing here?” Later they get arrested.

    This week’s episode we go to New Jersey where 28 men showed up at Dateline’s undercover house. First a 44 year old guy screen name “whosurdaddy” drove over an hour just mate with the fake girl. Soon taking to the girl (who’s really a 18 year old actress) about how he can’t wait to touch-touch. Then it’s Hansen to the rescue! The guy not knowing what the show was, begs to Chris not arrest him saying that his mother is very sick and that he’s lonely (can’t imagine why). But Hansen does not grant his wish and gets beat up the cops.

    Soon three other guys come… all at the same time (I guess they just couldn’t wait)! They all get sent to big house. Soon a 53 year old guy comes to love or as he said “Play with u, hold u, kiss u, feel u”. When Hansen comes, the guy starts saying (like the others say) that he wasn’t gonna do anything (but said he was when talking to the fake girl just a few second before Hansen came). Also he had said in his chat that he couldn’t be there very long as he had to go pick up his wife from  work (I guess a friend had to take her home that night)! As he gets arrest, the guys start muttering “Oh why did I do this?”


    Later a 29 year old gym fitness (man he’s pumped!) who he goes by “lovermangenuis” (spelling “Genius” wrong) comes. While chatting online he sends naked pictures of himself flexing and stuff and then when talking to the fake actress girl outside, he ask her to sit on his lap (man this guy is ready for some lovin)! Before that could happen, Hansen make his trademark entrance and talks to the guy (who knows he’s on Dateline) about his problems and soon the guy asked when he’s gonna make his television debut (so he can show his mom), then gets arrested.

    Now on to my favorite part of this episode. “icetruckkiller103” the 25 year old comes to have “hardcore sex and to get high and watch family guy” (a perfect date). He even has the pot on him and shows it to girl (who you could wanted to get hell out of there)! Then Hansen appears and guy is semi happy to see him cause he watches TCAP on the web (as do I). Knowing whats gonna happen to him, he takes his time before cops come to arrest him and beat him and gives advice to people at home.


    After two cry babes get arrest, we meet the final guy on the first part of the New Jersey episode. 27 year old “loverboy212x” comes from a train and walks 2 miles to the house (all that to get arrest). Wearing a Spongebob jacket, talks to fake girl and wants to know her before they get it on (what a good idea). But doesn’t get the chance as Chris Hansen comes and to talk to the guy. The guy now changes his story (of course) and then asked Hansen if he can take home so he doesn’t have to walk all the back the train station (smooth man) but doesn’t have to, as he gets arrested.

    Now true it’s quite scary to think your daughter right now as we speak could be taking to a 60 year about “****ing his @$$hole”. But man is it funny to see them a TV trying to cover up there real reason of being there with a minor.

    Thank you Chris Hansen for all the laughter.


    SOOORRRRRYYY! July 7, 2007

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    Sorry for the lack of posts (like you care). I plan to review some MST3K episodes and the volume 11 dvd, but here’s something to watch while you’re waiting:


    Happy 4th of July! July 4, 2007

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    Pepper Ann on TV!! June 23, 2007

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    Holy Crap! Pepper Ann was on TV today!! Four episodes aired on the Toon Disney network for no reason at all and I manged to record them on my brand new DVD Recorder!!

    Pepper Ann uses to air on ABC as part of their “One Saturday Morning” line up. It later appeared on the Disney channel and then on Toon Disney which aired Pepper Ann up unit late 2004 (that’s nearly 3 years!). Like I said, they aired 4 episodes today for no reason on Toon Disney and they have no plan to air it again regularly (which is a bummer).

    I’m very happy I saw it was gonna be on nearly 10 minutes before it aired. I just got a DVD Recorder so I used the first opportunity to use it.

    I still miss you Pepper Ann (use have a crush on her)!

    Review- MST3K: The Incredible Melting Man June 15, 2007

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    “Steve had crackers”- Servo as Ted

    Some astronauts in space are going on and on about Saturn’s rings when their Apollo capsule mixes with Solar flares.  The astronauts scream and, apparently, their capsule crash lands back on Earth. All were killed except for one and he has a bad case of the drips.  This last astronaut is now a Goo Man and so he breaks out of the hospital he’s in and wanders around, killing people.  On the case is Dr. Ted Nelson and he plans on capturing the Goo Man by reasoning with him. There’s also a pointless scene with a horny, lemon-stealing elderly couple.


    Opening: The crew play a little hardball.
    Intro: Crow’s “Earth vs. Soup” screenplay is being made into a movie, with Dr. F. and Pearl in charge
    Host segment 1: A script conference goes nowhere
    Host segment 2: Crow shoots his movie
    Host segment 3: Dr. F. leads a focus group
    End: Crow learns the fate of his movie
    Stinger: “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

    Man this is some bad film. More bad/bad film than bad/chessey film. But still Mike and the bots do aokay job at riffing it. The host sements are great as they deal with Hollywood producers making Crow’s script “Earth vs. Soup” into a movie.  The knowing jokes in these segments are very apparently making fun of the ridiculous stuff BBI had to deal with when they made MST3K: the Movie.

    So, although the movie and riffing is enjoyable, this episode is worth seeing even if only for the host segments.

    Movie: C
    Host Segment: B
    Overall: C


    Rifftrax of Nurse Giggles June 14, 2007

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    Cuts.com is a site that allows users to import videos from sites like YouTube and add their own captions to them, so it’s a natural fit for MST3K fans.

    Here I did this fan remake of Ren and Stimpy’s Nurse Stimpy renamed Nurse Giggles. I hope youz enjoy!



    Sexx Laws- a very underrated music video! June 12, 2007

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    Beck‘s music video to his song Sexx Laws is my favorite music video (next to Blur’s Coffee and TV). But MTV stopped airing cause people thought it was TOO stupid.


    It even has Jack Black pre Super Famous years!