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Early Xmas Gift: Sansa! December 23, 2007

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Thanks to my old man, I now can listen to music anytime! When I’m eating, sleeping, using the men’s room and when sombody is talking to me that I have no care for! Also I can upload me some videos (as seen above with the classic MST3K segment Idiot Control Now)! While I have about nearly 50 songs on it already, I still need to fill it up with some great songs.

Here’s a couple that are/soon to be on this Ipod type thingie:
They Might Be Giants
Weird Al
Adam Ant
Aphex Twin
Dead Milkmen
Frank Zappa
Jefferson Airplain
Oingo Boingo
Spin Doctors
Talking Heads
Violent Femmes
and many many more.

Just 3 more days till Xmas!


Four Bizarre Music Videos From the 90’s November 30, 2007

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It was the year 1999 and boy I miss it. Everything was just right for me back then. Not to say I don’t like what’s going down with my life in this year 2007 (soon 2008), but 1999 was when I really had no worries. Anyways in 1999, I used to watch MTV (back when it was okay) and midnight on Friday nights they played “120 Minutes”, a segment of music videos mainly of the alternative gene that I was big fan of back then (and still do). Anyway my sister and I would enjoy watching theses music videos and she recorded them on a tape one day. Well nearly 8 years later, my sister gave me the tape to look at and boy does it bring back the memories. Here’s some of the videos (thanks to You Tube) that stand out from the tape. WARNING: SOME OF THESE VIDEOS ARE QUITE BIZARRE!

Lamb – B-Line

This one really freaked me out back in the day. How the hell did they come up with idea for this music video?!

Blur – Coffee and TV

This is one of my favorite music videos of all time. I remember loving this one the most when it first came out.

Radiohead – Paranoid Android

This video was made back when Radiohead was a really big huge hit (they still are, but not as they once were). It’s also uses characters from a cartoon called Robin.

Aphex Twins – Windowlicker

This is one odd video. This is also a much longer version of the video than the one on the tape. I like the beat and the stupid guys talking stupids.

Anyways I still can’t believe it’s been sooo long since all this. 120 Minutes is no longer on MTV, as MTV airs nothing but crappy reality shows and crappy music videos. *sigh* I miss the crazy odd music videos from the late 90’s


Sexx Laws- a very underrated music video! June 12, 2007

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Beck‘s music video to his song Sexx Laws is my favorite music video (next to Blur’s Coffee and TV). But MTV stopped airing cause people thought it was TOO stupid.


It even has Jack Black pre Super Famous years!


Review- Devo: E-Z Listening Disc June 4, 2007

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I just brought Devo’s E-Z Listening Disc, which is super awesome in the fact that most tracks (which are instrumental versions of classic Devo songs) sound like early video game and elevator music.

Here’s the track list:
devoezlistening.jpg“Gates of Steel”
“Girl U Want”
“Come Back Jonee”
“Whip It”
“That’s Good”
“Jerkin’ Back and Forth”
“4th Dimension”
“Shout (Hello Kitty)”
“Pity You”
“Goin’ Under”
“Swelling, Itching Brain”
“Jurisdiction of Luv”
“Peek ‘a’ Boo”
“Space Junk”
“Time Out for Fun”
“It’s a Beautiful World”
“Jocko Homo”

My favorite songs is Shout and Peek ‘a’ Boo. But all are awesome in their own right. Also Satisfaction (a cover of the classic song by Rolling Stones) has the original Rolling Stones guitar riff, which is not in any other versions of Devo’s cover.

All in all I rate it a A++. I totally recommend it to who are fans of Devo and Muzak.