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XMAS GIFTS! December 25, 2007

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Xmas Gifts

Wow this was a great Xmas for me! I got some great stuff from the awesome family! Here they are:

Evil Dead- Ultimate 3 Disc Set Edition (From the mother)
This brand new re-re-re-release of Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead, contains three discs: Disc One is the movie widescreen with a brand new hour documentary with the cast and crew (minus Sam and Bruce Campbell) and the old laserdisc commentary with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapner. Disc Two with the movie fullscreen, some lost footage/outtakes/deleted scene that had been recently found, and old commentary with Bruce Campbell. and Disc Three with lots of brand stuff mainly with the cast (with the lost Scotty and Ted Raimi!) at a convention talking about their experience of the movie and fans they met. While it’s cool they got some nice features with the cast, I kind of wish that Sam Raimi was involved in these features (I’m guessing they made the extras while he was working on Spider-Man 3). But still a great set and includes a Evil Dead poster!

The Three Stooges Collection- Volume One 1934-1936 (From the sister)
This set includes the first 19 shorts of the Three Stooges all in their original form! That’s pretty much it, no extras or main menus just the shorts, which is all I need! Can’t wait for Vol 2!

Sansa (from the Pop)
(See this post)

Army Of Darkness Action Figure Ash! (From the mother)

It's Ash, Baby
Action figure of Ash in Army of Darkness (aka Evil Dead 3) during the graveyard scene. With changeable head, boom stick, and book of the dead! Come get some baby!

The Big Lebowski Dude’s Bowling TV Shirt! (from the parents together)
This awesome shirt is made up to look like the Dude’s bowling shirt from the cult Coen brother’s film The Big Lebowski! I’m totally gonna wear this every where I go now!

100 Bucks (From the parents)
YAY Moneyz!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
(100% OOP DVD) (From the Suzanne)

This is the pure highlight for this Xmas! I always had a bootleg of it and now I have the real thing!! It’s one the earlest DVDs, so there’s no extras or main menu, just movie and scene menu.
The Collection 2007
So all in all a great XMAS! Hope ya had a great one like me!


DVD Craze Hunt Fun 2: DVDs from the past month (by memory/highlights) December 11, 2007

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Well it’s been early September since I posted about my DVD craze hunt. I’ve gotten a lot of DVDs in the past three months and I haven’t even kept you, the loving viewers info about it! So here’s some I either just got or highlights of what I got from the past months. Again all from my sister’s store where I get them cheep!


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Criterion Collection
Price: $20
I got this Gilliam film around late September. Based on Hunter S. Thompson ‘s novel, this classic is about Raul Duke and his lawyer, Dr. Gonzo as they travel to Las Vegas to cover a bike race and at the same time think how the 60’s “American dream” is no more which is helped in large part by the huge amount of drugs and alcohol. The DVD itself is another Criterion classic with commentary with Thompson, interviews, Documentaries about Thompson, and so much more.

Naked Lunch – Criterion Collection
Price: $16
Got this around October, this David Cronenberg film based (kind of) on William S. Burroughs’ novel is about an exterminator as he gets a addiction to his bug powder, accidentally kills his wife, and gets involved in a secret government in Africa run by giant bugs. One the oddest films ever that makes not sure if I want to read the book! The DVD is great with the extras mainly about Burroughs. Good Stuff Criterion!

Videodrome– Criterion Collection (with missing cover sleeve)
Price: $20
Also got this in October, another David Cronenberg film, as James Woods, a cable TV operator loses his mind after founding a program called Videodrome. Classic Cronenberg and one of the best Criterions! The extras are top great with making of the movie, all the fake clips, commentaries and many more.

Silence of The Lambs – Criterion Collection (OUT OF PRINT)
Price: $9
Got this last week, this rare and very early Criterion is not the best verison of the film on DVD, but it’s Criterion so you can forgive it.

Brazil – Criterion Collection
Price: $30
November is when I got this baby by Terry Gilliam. A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state. Again a early Criterion that has three disc: Disc one is the version that Gilliam intended, disc two is extras, and disc three is the studio edited of the film. So the best version you’re ever gonna get of the film!

Spider-Man 2
Price: $5
Best of the three Spidey films and has some nice extras!

Hot Fuzz– Three Disc Collectors Edition
Price: $30
Just got it yesterday! Made by the Shaun of the Dead guys, London cop is transferred to a small town and paired with a witless new partner and the pair stumble upon a series of suspicious accidents and events. This one has a TON of extras! So many to name! But this IS the BEST version yer gonna get of this classic.

Superbad – 2 Disc Edition
Price: $20
Just got this yesterday also. Two high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry. Being a fan of Freaks and Geeks and Knocked Up, I though this was great and list of extras are awesome fun.

Well that’s some of the few DVDs I’ve gotten so far. Also I got this cute little puppy named Gypsy! More on her on a future post and more on the DVDs later!

Review: MST3K Volume 12 November 10, 2007

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Vol 12This has been a big month for MST3K! Rifftrax with Mike, the brand new MST3K.com, and Joel, Trace, Josh, Frank, and Mary Jo all are making Cinematic Titanic! To celebrate these different forms of MST3K, I will review the new Volume 12 DVD!


419- THE REBEL SET ****

The episode starts with a short about a kid named Johnny as he gets lost from his parents while at the state fair. The riffing on this by J&tBs is excellent which is why this is one of my all-time favorite shorts. The movie itself is about a Beatnik Jazz Club owner that brings three unemployed loser beatniks to help him pull off a heist of $1 million.  They all agree and help successfully pull off the robbery of a armored truck, but then deceit and double-crossing starts to happen on the train trip to Newark after the heist. I actually thought this was a half-way decent film.  I mean, besides some goofy beatnik scenes, I thought it really held together.  The riffing on this was great, as usual, for a Season Four episode and the host segments were also pretty funny. Overall, this is a very enjoyable episode.


SSAD!The great super-spy, Secret Agent Super Dragon is called out of pool-side retirement to investigate a secret organization that apparently is smuggling a new type of chewing gum. It’s a somewhat confusing spy movie in this episode, but still fun to watch.  Good riff and some pretty good host segments make for a good overall episode.  I especially like the “James Bond” rip-off secret agent flicks seen on MST, so I liked this one a lot for primarily that very reason.


The most sexually charged movie MST has ever done! I never knew that footage of jet fighters could be so naughty. Filled to the brim with frequent scenes of planes taking off and refueling and landing and refueling and bombing rectangles and refueling. Due to the static nature of the film, this is a toughie to riff on and required premium effort from the writing staff. So it’s pretty impressive that when they do fire with the funny, they generally strike their targets with pinpoint accuracy. From the variety of quips on the redundant refueling, to rollicking jests’ on “Poopie Suits”. Toss in the superb skits where we witness Crow’s frustrated attempts to log onto the information super highway, observe a bold commercial for Ricochet BBQ sauce and thrill to the wonderful Servo Chorus – and “Starfighters”, while not A+ perfect, still offers up sample laughs.


ClonusThis film (which Michael Bay ripped off) is about Richard, who founds out that he is part of a cloning project run by powerful individuals in the country that clones the wealthy and powerful people so that they can have replacement body parts and live a much longer life (is also stars Peter Graves!). The riffing by M&tBs on this film is great – it’s some of the best on-target riffing of season 8.  The host segments were also enjoyable.



Don Sullivan (George Leland on Rebel Set) talks about how he got into Hollywood, making of the movie, and his thoughts on MST3K. While he talks about MST for 30 seconds, he seems like a nice guy and admits that the films are B movies. Good Stuff.


Introductions and concluding remarks that Jack Perkins (Played by Mike) did when Secret Agent Super Dragon (along with others) was broadcast in two parts on the Play MST Hour. A great extra (they need to release all the MST Hour intro for the episodes Rhino have already released).


This extra includes 10 more songs from the series:

  • Creepy Girl
  • A Michael Finestein Gamera
  • Whispering Christmas Warrior
  • Doughy Guys
  • Mystos
  • Cosmic Freight Train
  • The Best of Digger Smolken
  • The 70’s Song
  • Sir Thomas Neville Servo Quartet
  • The Rain Song

It’s gone to the point where they’ve ran out of songs and just put all the songs from already release episodes (even one from the last jukebox!). While fun, it’s no point to make another one.


Parts: The Clonus Horror director Robert Fiveson talks about the making of Clonus, Michael Bay’s ripoff “The Island”, MST3K, and the Uncut DVD of Clonus. Out of all the interviews with the crew of the movies, this is the best one Rhino has made. Fiveson gives alot of great info and says nice stuff of MST3K. Highlight extra on this set.

TRAILERS FOR THE MOVIES (except The Starfighers) ****

Fun little extras too set you in the mood for the movie (or lie about the movie).


This is one of the best set that Rhino has made so far. Great Episodes, really awesome extras, and while I like menus better from previous sets, these menus are pretty good too. Also the boxset art is quite awesome too. All in all the best set out of the two release this year.



DVD Craze Hunt Fun September 3, 2007

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Sorry for lack of post. But I’ve been in a DVD Craze Hunt. Here’s just from this past week:


I’ve spent about only $150 in all for this, thanks to my sister working at the awesome video store Moving Trading Company and giving me great deals on them.

Here’s what I got:

Robocop – Criterion Collection (Out of Print!)
Price: $15

The version I have is the “Criterion Collection” edition. It’s a shame that this one is so hard to find, because I do think this is the best version out there. Not only is it loaded with some very cool features, it’s also the unrated director’s cut that offers a few extra seconds of extra gore in two specific scenes. (I think it’s only two.) Now, that’s not a very big deal and doesn’t really add much to the movie, but it is something at least. And the picture and sound is great. I am aware that the newer version is supposed to look a lot better than this one, but that DVD doesn’t appear to have ANY special features on it.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Price: $15 at Tom Thumb

What can I say it’s a classic. Most nerds know it from heart (as we know from Freaks and Geeks and Weird Al’s White and Nerdy). The DVD itself is less than awesome as it does have some nice extras, but it could have been better. I think they’ve re-released the movie with a extra 3rd disc, so I might go back and get that one for high gay times, but for now I will enjoyed this DVD simply for the movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Special Edition)
Price: $9.99

If you have the bare-bones DVD version of TCM 2 then you need to buy the Gruesome Edition now. Comparing Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 to the original or the other sequels/remakes is pointless because this film is a beast all its own. It was made to be different than the first and Tobe Hooper lived up to it. It is quite obvious that this film is camp, but thats what makes it so great. Bottom line is that this DVD is a must have. Nuff said.

The Fly 1986 (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)
Price: $9.99

This is another Cronenberg classic about man vs. science. A better re-make than the original. This is classic horror/science fiction. Few horror films elicit any feeling or sympathy for the creature, but this one does. A great story, with great performances by Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. This is a must have for horror buffs and for film collectors.

The Night Of The Hunter
Price: $2.99

Night of the Hunter is one of those rare films that hasn’t won any awards and simply got stored as a film that doesn’t seem to get much play on television. Yet, NOH passes the test of time in such formidable ways. The storyline and believability of the plot and characters remains strong, as does the top-notch cinematography. My only reservation with this otherwise superb DVD is the warning at the beginning that “This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your TV”. Either that’s flatly untrue (as Night of the Hunter looks perfectly at home in 4:3), or MGM has cheated us by not giving a true American classic its due.

The Simpsons Season Nine
Price: $20 at Amazon

Mike Scully’s reign of terror has begun! This season has a lot of great episodes. Probably not the greatest Simpsons season of all, but definitely the last great Simpsons season. Plus you get audio commentary on EVERY episode as well as those other extras that fans of the DVDs have come to expect.

The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection
Price: $20.00

The Freddy movies are so campy and corny that there awesome. I’ve never been scared of them (really only the first was the closest) but they make me laugh. This set has every single movie in the series. It has numbers 1 through 5, “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare,” and “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.” All of them ready to pollute the DVD player and contaminate the TV screen. Freddy’s waiting for ya, don’t you know?

Freddy Vs Jason
Price: $1.50

I had to complete my Freddy collection by getting this turkey. I myself don’t care for the Friday the 13th series as I found them to boring and dull. So when will we see Bruce Campbell kill Jason and Freddy? Hopefully soon.

Stanley Kubrick Collection
Price: $60

The Stanley Kubrick Collection features 9 amazing DVD’s, eight of them films. The films include Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut, and the documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures. Every Kubrick fan should own this item!

So I blew most all my money for the month and maybe the year. But I hope to report on more of my amazing DVD hunt.


Review- MST3K Vol 11! August 13, 2007

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vol11co.jpgThe MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 COLLECTION continues with Volume 11. Rhino presents four more episodes from the Satellite of Love. Laugh, groan, writhe and laugh again with Joel, Mike, Tom Servo and Crow as they deliver jokes and judgments on cinema’s difficult children.


206- RING OF TERROR ****

Joel with his invention “pin-bolus” from Ring Of Terror!A short pointless movie about a collage kid (who is really 40 years of age) who is dared into getting a ring from a dead guy’s hand, then dies—pretty much the whole story. Joel and the bots do the best they could with this mess. Also for the first (and last) time they riff a short AFTER the movie.


Lon Chaney’s eyes.Lon Chaney Jr. plays a dead butcher who is re-animated and goes to kill the people that did him wrong. A dull film that Joel and the bots couldn’t save. But the host segments were pretty funny.

414- TORMENTED ***

 A envy ghost haunts a ex love because he is getting married to another girl. A decent B movie that Joel and the bots make fun of quite nicely.


Werespider!After their plane crashes near some abondon island, a group of dance girls and their male manger do….really nothing. Soon the manger gets bitten by a spider and becomes some kind of werewolf spider and is only seen for 5 minutes. This movie is terrible! The whole story with the spider and monster is really just a side story as the main story was just the girls half naked and fighting. Mike and the bots do the best they could do with this mess and save it. The highlight episode of this boxset and the last B&W movie MST did before the show ended.



 This extra includes 10 more songs from the series:

  • Clown in the Sky
  • The Janitor Song
  • The Greatest Frank of All 
  • When Loving Lovers Love
  • Sodium!
  • Sidehackin’
  • The Many Tunes of Gamera
  • A Patrick Swayze Christmas (one of their greatest songs!)
  • The Bomb Song
  • Hobgoblins
  • This volume contains songs from already release episodes, but still a nice little extra.


     Bert I. Gordon (writer/director), Susan Gordon (little Sandy) and Joe Turkel (Blackmailer Captain Nick) talk for 20 mintues about filming the movie and their careers . While it is not earth-shattering, but it’s pretty fun. Joe Turkel is a little too much, and I think he makes Susan uncomfortable at a couple points. MST3K is not mentioned.


     Introductions and concluding remarks that Jack Perkins (Played by Mike) did when Tormented (along with others) was broadcast in two parts on the Play MST Hour. I feel this is the highlight extra on this set.

    TRAILERS FOR THE MOVIES (except Ring of Terror) ****

     Fun littles extras too set you in the mood for the movie (or lie about the movie).


    A HeadThis is a decent set that had semi less than average episodes (none of which made 5 stars in my review) and decent extras (at least they have some!). Also all the movies on this set are public domain (meaning they have no copyright and can be used for what ever you want) so Rhino can’t lose the rights to this set (like the last set). So this is a good set but not great.



    Pepper Ann on TV!! June 23, 2007

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    Holy Crap! Pepper Ann was on TV today!! Four episodes aired on the Toon Disney network for no reason at all and I manged to record them on my brand new DVD Recorder!!

    Pepper Ann uses to air on ABC as part of their “One Saturday Morning” line up. It later appeared on the Disney channel and then on Toon Disney which aired Pepper Ann up unit late 2004 (that’s nearly 3 years!). Like I said, they aired 4 episodes today for no reason on Toon Disney and they have no plan to air it again regularly (which is a bummer).

    I’m very happy I saw it was gonna be on nearly 10 minutes before it aired. I just got a DVD Recorder so I used the first opportunity to use it.

    I still miss you Pepper Ann (use have a crush on her)!

    My Cowboy Bebop Week June 6, 2007

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    Well I got the Cowboy Bebop “Perfect Sessions” dvd which has all the episodes. I’m not a fan of “anime” but there’s somthin about this show that I like alot.

    Anyways, I plan on watching all of episodes (plus the movie) this week. So far I’ve watched 18 out of 26 episodes. I should be done by Friday.

    I’ll tell my review of the series and the movie around Saturday.