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Angry Review: Why I Hate that movie of Chuck and Larry. March 28, 2008

Posted by samtaco in Reviews, Thoughts.

Bored out of my wits one day and not in the mood of watching my DVDs, I decided to watch something new. So I looked on the telly for enjoyment and the movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” was about to play. “Hmm I remember them promoting this”, I thought, and I’d now set my mind to watch it.

It was very very deadly bad.

Here’s a list why:
1. Adam Sandler’s character is very unlikeable jerk, but yet everyone loves him and girls want to have sex with him. I guess the writers wanna to make it tough for him to be gay while he’s all for the ladies, but they go over the top with it (He’s sleeping with 12 girls??).

2. When they want us to feel sad for Larry’s wife passing, they fail as it’s just not that type of movie to make you feel any sadness (more pissed off or smarter).

3. Strange characters (like the Asian Minister) that have to appear in every Sandler movie, really didn’t need to be in this movie. It’s could had been a silly comedy film, but they had to make it in yet another crappy Sandler film with that and fart jokes.

4. As stated in reason 1, Sandler’s character is somehow loved by everybody, so Jessica Biel somehow feels he can make a great friend that is gay and wants to hang out with him all the time. I just can’t see why he gave her that impression.

So all in all I hated this movies and I really don’t hate movies, but this one is filled with stuff that makes me wonder how anybody felt that this would be liked by anybody. And no Jessica Biel’s butt (as some thought) did not save this film.




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