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XMAS GIFTS! December 25, 2007

Posted by samtaco in DVD, MST3K, Thoughts.

Xmas Gifts

Wow this was a great Xmas for me! I got some great stuff from the awesome family! Here they are:

Evil Dead- Ultimate 3 Disc Set Edition (From the mother)
This brand new re-re-re-release of Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead, contains three discs: Disc One is the movie widescreen with a brand new hour documentary with the cast and crew (minus Sam and Bruce Campbell) and the old laserdisc commentary with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapner. Disc Two with the movie fullscreen, some lost footage/outtakes/deleted scene that had been recently found, and old commentary with Bruce Campbell. and Disc Three with lots of brand stuff mainly with the cast (with the lost Scotty and Ted Raimi!) at a convention talking about their experience of the movie and fans they met. While it’s cool they got some nice features with the cast, I kind of wish that Sam Raimi was involved in these features (I’m guessing they made the extras while he was working on Spider-Man 3). But still a great set and includes a Evil Dead poster!

The Three Stooges Collection- Volume One 1934-1936 (From the sister)
This set includes the first 19 shorts of the Three Stooges all in their original form! That’s pretty much it, no extras or main menus just the shorts, which is all I need! Can’t wait for Vol 2!

Sansa (from the Pop)
(See this post)

Army Of Darkness Action Figure Ash! (From the mother)

It's Ash, Baby
Action figure of Ash in Army of Darkness (aka Evil Dead 3) during the graveyard scene. With changeable head, boom stick, and book of the dead! Come get some baby!

The Big Lebowski Dude’s Bowling TV Shirt! (from the parents together)
This awesome shirt is made up to look like the Dude’s bowling shirt from the cult Coen brother’s film The Big Lebowski! I’m totally gonna wear this every where I go now!

100 Bucks (From the parents)
YAY Moneyz!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
(100% OOP DVD) (From the Suzanne)

This is the pure highlight for this Xmas! I always had a bootleg of it and now I have the real thing!! It’s one the earlest DVDs, so there’s no extras or main menu, just movie and scene menu.
The Collection 2007
So all in all a great XMAS! Hope ya had a great one like me!



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