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MST3K: 10 Gold Episodes November 23, 2007

Posted by samtaco in MST3K, Reviews, Thoughts, TV Shows.

Crow, Joel, Mike, SevoMystery Science Theater 3000 is one of the greatest shows ever made. There’s nothing that can make you say no. If a show that has every single cast member change and run for 11 years, that can still be awesome, then you know right there it’s gold. Some episodes I can watch for days straight and they can never get old. Here’s a list of some of my 10 random favorite episodes that are just a hoot and show why MST3K is the greatest and also help for the poor soul-less people who have yet to see the show.


822- Time Chasers
Yes sadly he's the hero of the film.Nick Miller a nerdy hockey hair Castleton snob, invents a time machine! But not out of a De Lorena, no Nick makes it out of his plane! Soon Nick gets a deal with a big evil company named Gen-Corp to buy the time plane and at the same time, meet up with Lisa, a girl he knew from high school. After realizing that the evil Gen-Corp company IS in fact evil, Nick and Lisa have to go back in time and stop his past self from being greedy and stupid, before the head Gen-Corp CEO stops them. This is a classic episode from season eight that never gets old. The riffing from Mike and the bots is super. Also the host segments are really great, with Crow going back in time to stop Mike’s dim past self from getting the temp job that cause him to be shot into space and in the end making it worst for both Mike and the bots! Again like I said, it’s a classic and should not be missed.

207- Wild Rebels
Jeeter, Banjo, and Fats--THE WILD REBELS!After wrecking his car to nothing but flames, stock-car driver (and semi lame) Rod decides to get out of the racing biz. He hitchhikes to bar where he dances like dork and meets the biker gang called Satan’s Angels. They invite him back to their crib and tell him about their plan of a bank robbery (which they do “for kicks”) where he helps by driving the get away car. Rod declines and heads out, but bumps into the police. The cops have been trying to get them Satan’s Angels for all the bad things they’ve done (for kicks) and want Rod to help get the wild rebels. But can our hero do it? This is my favorite episode from season two, I can’t stop watching it. Maybe of it’s grindhouse feel or the great riffing from Joel and the bots. The host segments also tell what Gypsy does for the SOL and makes Joel get this funny feeling inside (don’t ask). All in all the best of the season two “Biker” movies.

521- Santa Claus
This messed up Mexican film is about a evil little devil named “Pitch” as he dances around like a idiot and trys to ruin Christmas by trying to stop Santa from giving all the presents to all the good boys and girls. At the same time we meet poor little Lupita, who all she wants is a life-size doll and trys her best not to have the urge to steal one. The most bizarre Christmas film ever made! This changes a lot back story of Santa as he makes kids of different regions work on the toys- not elfs, has creepy robot deer, and lives in outer space! It’s the second Xmas themed episode with Mike a host, and out of the two, I have to pick this one as the best. RHINO NEEDS TO RELEASE THIS ON DVD!

110- Robot Holocaust (with short: Commando Cody Pt 9)
Sidedish Monster!In some post-apocalyptic future where robots control the air and humans are slaves to them (I think. It’s hard to tell really what the plot is). Some guy for some reason is kidnapped by this unintelligible (German?) girl, who wants to give him to the air god (who knows). It’s up to the guy’s daughter and some other guys (plus a annoying robot) to stop the evil girl and some lobster robot from killing her dad (maybe). Man this movie didn’t really make any sense. It’s one of the earliest 80’s film MST3K did (if you do/don’t count the ones from KTMA). While the short was dull and thankfully was cut off, I thought they did a decent job riffing this mess. The host segments are like-able too with them playing Robot Holocaust and Servo getting way into it. This is my favorite episodes from season one and needs to be on DVD soon.

810- The Giant Spider Invasion
He has every episode of Married With Children on tape.A meteor lands on earth near farmer redneck trash Dan Kester’s farm and contains eggs with little spiders in them. A doughy NASA scientist meets up the town scientist Barbara Hale to found what that meteor was. Meanwhile town sheriff Alan Hale Jr. does… nothing, yes really nothing but tell crappy jokes and eat. Soon more and more little spiders come out and attack the Packer loving town folks along with Dan and his alcoholic wife Eve. It’s up to the dull old scientists, and Alan Hale (not really) to stop the spiders and it’s giant spider leader from attacking the town (if that’s not a bad thing). A crappy 70’s monster movie by Bill Rebane (Monster A Go-Go fame) that completely lacks a single sympathetic character. Again it’s one of the episodes that I watch a ton. Mike and the bots really show their pride for the state of Wisconsin and trash it. While the riffing was great, the host segments were “meh” with pods takeover the Mads and trying to takeover the SOL crew is kind of a bore. But other than that, a solid episode.

424- Manos: The Hands of Fate (with short: Hired Pt 2)
Peeping TorgoA family is a on vacation and soon get lost to found themselves near a odd house and a odd person named Torgo, who “takes cares of the place while the master is away”. The family decides to spend the night at the Master’s place until morning, but then the pet dog is mysteriously killed and Torgo hitting on the wife, makes the family want to get out of there. But what the hell? The car out of no where doesn’t work! And to make matters worst the Master awakes (along with his wives) and wants the family females to become part of his wives (gross)! Also there’s some guy and girl that make out for the whole movie! One of, if not THE worst movie ever made! Also one the classic episodes of MST3K ever. Joel and the bots riff the second part of the short Hired is quite grand and then the movie itself, dear god it’s amazing they didn’t fail because of the horror of the film. So what’s there to say that’s hasn’t been said? I liked it very much and watch it–if you dare!

820- Space Mutiny
Ho?Beefy pilot Dave Ryder must save Southern Sun, from the evil and always having a good laugh, Kalgan, who plans to destroy the ship. At the same time buff Ryder makes out of with Southern Sun’s captain Santa Claus looking Cameren Mitchell’s really old looking daughter Lea and scream like a girl and rides around in golf carts. Plus the mind talking Bellerians kind of, but not really help chunky Ryder by dancing around and killing some of bad guys. Yes it’s the eighties! God how can you not love this episode?!? It’s such a cheesy movie, that Mike and the bots don’t even have to try to make fun of it and make you laugh till you kill something inside your body! While the host segments are on the soft spot, this is a awesome episode from the Sci-if era.

303- Pod People
It's called evil Kid.While members of a 80’s rock band are camping in the woods, poachers (Huzzah!) nearby discover a stash of huge eggs and begin smashing them. One baby alien escapes while the mother takes her revenge, first on the poachers and then on members of the band (why not?). The baby, a furry creature with an elephant-like trunk, is lost in the woods and is found by pale, a high pitched sounding boy named Tommy, who lives in a secluded house with his mother and mean uncle. Tommy nicknames him “Trumpy,” and they become playmates (play Simon and making it worst). As the dangerous mother alien continues looking for her child, the rock band seeks out Tommy’s house for refuge. Will the mother kill them all (I wish…)? The Film Ventures movies MST3K did were the best and this best out of all of them. This is indeed my all time favorite MST3K episode. The movie is cheesy bad, the riffing is perfect, and the host segments are gold. I love this episode.

907- Hobgoblins
Can't you what I'm trying tell you?Whiny loser Kevin, who works as a security guard for a old movie studio, stupidly lets out a group of puppets, who allow you to live out your fantasies but kill you in the process. His boss is too old to help him, so Kevin has to get his crappy idiot friends: Amy, his stupid non-supportive girlfriend, Kyle, a red short wearing perv, Daphne, a sex-crazed slut, and Nick, Daphne’s brainless army boyfriend to help get the hobgoblins back to the studio before sunrise. This is such a stupid, stupid movie! It’s my second favorite episode all time of MST3K. The movie is a stupid thrill ride, the riffing is pure grand, and the host segments are really funny! A must see for people who love pure bashing.

512- Mitchell
Peeling a orangeJoe Don Baker is Mitchell, a chubby and unlikable detective, that tries to take down John Saxon, for killing a burglar for kicks and not self-defense, and a guy named Cummings, who’s connected somehow to a shipment of heroin coming in from Mexico. Also we get to see Mitchell have sex with Linda Evans (a prostitute that John Saxon for some reason paid to have sex with Mitchell), drink beer, eat, and sleep! This is Joel’s final episode as host and boy what a send out! The riffing is so awesome and they do such a great job. A great farewell to the best era of MST3K.

So there you have it. Ten awesome episodes that never get old in my book. The type of movies, the certain era, and feel can help a episode. Now that we have The Film Crew (maybe) and Cinematic Titanic, we can relive this feel.




1. Noel - December 1, 2007

“Space Mutiny”, “Manos” and “Hobgoblins” are some of my all-time favorites. IMO, they’re the best episodes on this list (although I haven’t seen “Santa Claus” yet). Nice entry!

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