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Review: MST3K Volume 12 November 10, 2007

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Vol 12This has been a big month for MST3K! Rifftrax with Mike, the brand new MST3K.com, and Joel, Trace, Josh, Frank, and Mary Jo all are making Cinematic Titanic! To celebrate these different forms of MST3K, I will review the new Volume 12 DVD!


419- THE REBEL SET ****

The episode starts with a short about a kid named Johnny as he gets lost from his parents while at the state fair. The riffing on this by J&tBs is excellent which is why this is one of my all-time favorite shorts. The movie itself is about a Beatnik Jazz Club owner that brings three unemployed loser beatniks to help him pull off a heist of $1 million.  They all agree and help successfully pull off the robbery of a armored truck, but then deceit and double-crossing starts to happen on the train trip to Newark after the heist. I actually thought this was a half-way decent film.  I mean, besides some goofy beatnik scenes, I thought it really held together.  The riffing on this was great, as usual, for a Season Four episode and the host segments were also pretty funny. Overall, this is a very enjoyable episode.


SSAD!The great super-spy, Secret Agent Super Dragon is called out of pool-side retirement to investigate a secret organization that apparently is smuggling a new type of chewing gum. It’s a somewhat confusing spy movie in this episode, but still fun to watch.  Good riff and some pretty good host segments make for a good overall episode.  I especially like the “James Bond” rip-off secret agent flicks seen on MST, so I liked this one a lot for primarily that very reason.


The most sexually charged movie MST has ever done! I never knew that footage of jet fighters could be so naughty. Filled to the brim with frequent scenes of planes taking off and refueling and landing and refueling and bombing rectangles and refueling. Due to the static nature of the film, this is a toughie to riff on and required premium effort from the writing staff. So it’s pretty impressive that when they do fire with the funny, they generally strike their targets with pinpoint accuracy. From the variety of quips on the redundant refueling, to rollicking jests’ on “Poopie Suits”. Toss in the superb skits where we witness Crow’s frustrated attempts to log onto the information super highway, observe a bold commercial for Ricochet BBQ sauce and thrill to the wonderful Servo Chorus – and “Starfighters”, while not A+ perfect, still offers up sample laughs.


ClonusThis film (which Michael Bay ripped off) is about Richard, who founds out that he is part of a cloning project run by powerful individuals in the country that clones the wealthy and powerful people so that they can have replacement body parts and live a much longer life (is also stars Peter Graves!). The riffing by M&tBs on this film is great – it’s some of the best on-target riffing of season 8.  The host segments were also enjoyable.



Don Sullivan (George Leland on Rebel Set) talks about how he got into Hollywood, making of the movie, and his thoughts on MST3K. While he talks about MST for 30 seconds, he seems like a nice guy and admits that the films are B movies. Good Stuff.


Introductions and concluding remarks that Jack Perkins (Played by Mike) did when Secret Agent Super Dragon (along with others) was broadcast in two parts on the Play MST Hour. A great extra (they need to release all the MST Hour intro for the episodes Rhino have already released).


This extra includes 10 more songs from the series:

  • Creepy Girl
  • A Michael Finestein Gamera
  • Whispering Christmas Warrior
  • Doughy Guys
  • Mystos
  • Cosmic Freight Train
  • The Best of Digger Smolken
  • The 70’s Song
  • Sir Thomas Neville Servo Quartet
  • The Rain Song

It’s gone to the point where they’ve ran out of songs and just put all the songs from already release episodes (even one from the last jukebox!). While fun, it’s no point to make another one.


Parts: The Clonus Horror director Robert Fiveson talks about the making of Clonus, Michael Bay’s ripoff “The Island”, MST3K, and the Uncut DVD of Clonus. Out of all the interviews with the crew of the movies, this is the best one Rhino has made. Fiveson gives alot of great info and says nice stuff of MST3K. Highlight extra on this set.

TRAILERS FOR THE MOVIES (except The Starfighers) ****

Fun little extras too set you in the mood for the movie (or lie about the movie).


This is one of the best set that Rhino has made so far. Great Episodes, really awesome extras, and while I like menus better from previous sets, these menus are pretty good too. Also the boxset art is quite awesome too. All in all the best set out of the two release this year.





1. RAD - November 23, 2007

Very insightful review. I enjoyed it greatly. Keep up the good work!

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