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A Horrible Memory Of School. October 19, 2007

Posted by samtaco in Thoughts.

 Mean Teacher that looks nothing like my 9th grade teacher.

A giant ruler is not good.

One day in the 9th grade, I was going to my last class of the day (I also think it was on a Friday) which was English, and acting like it was a normal day, going up the steps and what not. It was still passing period and I saw my friend (who’s name is now lost in my memory) sitting at his desk and head out to talk to him about a show that we liked (once again I forget the name of the show) and quote it. I saw that the teacher was not there and so my friend told about a scene which I stared to quote out load. Since I have a horrible memory I totally forgot what I said, but I suppose it was not good, since my friend didn’t laugh and there was silence and I turn to see my teacher right there looking at me with a disapprove look. “Sam” she said with disappointment in her voice “get out of my class, I’ll send your referral with you to the office”. I was shocked to hear this. I was a good kid; I never went to office for anything, but if I wanted to skip class by going to the Nurse’s Office to see if my mom would picked me. I slowly went out of her class (the bell didn’t go off yet for everybody to be in there class) standing next to the door as it open and shut with kids going in, looking at me wonder why I was just standing there. After about 15 minutes standing there thinking what the hell just happen and what’s to become of me, the open and my teacher appeared with the referral in hand.

To be continued!

(More DVD reviews comin’ soon)



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