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Review- MST3K Vol 11! August 13, 2007

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vol11co.jpgThe MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 COLLECTION continues with Volume 11. Rhino presents four more episodes from the Satellite of Love. Laugh, groan, writhe and laugh again with Joel, Mike, Tom Servo and Crow as they deliver jokes and judgments on cinema’s difficult children.


206- RING OF TERROR ****

Joel with his invention “pin-bolus” from Ring Of Terror!A short pointless movie about a collage kid (who is really 40 years of age) who is dared into getting a ring from a dead guy’s hand, then dies—pretty much the whole story. Joel and the bots do the best they could with this mess. Also for the first (and last) time they riff a short AFTER the movie.


Lon Chaney’s eyes.Lon Chaney Jr. plays a dead butcher who is re-animated and goes to kill the people that did him wrong. A dull film that Joel and the bots couldn’t save. But the host segments were pretty funny.

414- TORMENTED ***

 A envy ghost haunts a ex love because he is getting married to another girl. A decent B movie that Joel and the bots make fun of quite nicely.


Werespider!After their plane crashes near some abondon island, a group of dance girls and their male manger do….really nothing. Soon the manger gets bitten by a spider and becomes some kind of werewolf spider and is only seen for 5 minutes. This movie is terrible! The whole story with the spider and monster is really just a side story as the main story was just the girls half naked and fighting. Mike and the bots do the best they could do with this mess and save it. The highlight episode of this boxset and the last B&W movie MST did before the show ended.



 This extra includes 10 more songs from the series:

  • Clown in the Sky
  • The Janitor Song
  • The Greatest Frank of All 
  • When Loving Lovers Love
  • Sodium!
  • Sidehackin’
  • The Many Tunes of Gamera
  • A Patrick Swayze Christmas (one of their greatest songs!)
  • The Bomb Song
  • Hobgoblins
  • This volume contains songs from already release episodes, but still a nice little extra.


     Bert I. Gordon (writer/director), Susan Gordon (little Sandy) and Joe Turkel (Blackmailer Captain Nick) talk for 20 mintues about filming the movie and their careers . While it is not earth-shattering, but it’s pretty fun. Joe Turkel is a little too much, and I think he makes Susan uncomfortable at a couple points. MST3K is not mentioned.


     Introductions and concluding remarks that Jack Perkins (Played by Mike) did when Tormented (along with others) was broadcast in two parts on the Play MST Hour. I feel this is the highlight extra on this set.

    TRAILERS FOR THE MOVIES (except Ring of Terror) ****

     Fun littles extras too set you in the mood for the movie (or lie about the movie).


    A HeadThis is a decent set that had semi less than average episodes (none of which made 5 stars in my review) and decent extras (at least they have some!). Also all the movies on this set are public domain (meaning they have no copyright and can be used for what ever you want) so Rhino can’t lose the rights to this set (like the last set). So this is a good set but not great.





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