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Review- MST3K: Eegah! June 7, 2007

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What cheesey film are Joel and the bots watching this time?

Sorry about my face“-Joel as Tom.

One night Roxy is driving in the desert, when all of a sudden she hits…EEGAH! (aka Richard Kiel), who quickly runs back into the dark. She tells her Dad and her disgusting looking boyfriend Tom (Arch Hall Jr.) who go back to the area to find the caveman. Her father decides to go out and find him by himself, letting Roxy and eek boy go party and to later pick him up. But when they get out there to pick Professor Dad up, he’s missing.  Next thing you know, Roxy is kidnapped by the caveman and taken back to his cave, where he is also keeping her father hostage. It’s up to our gross hero Tom to save them!

Opening: Deep frozen Crow
Invention exchange: Pork-orina, replacing Frank’s blood
Host segment 1: Subtle forms of hell
Host segment 2: The bots alter Joel’s face to look like Arch Hall Jr.
Host segment 3: Why ’60s sitcoms are run by single dads
End: Washing the movie off the bots, letter, Frank’s fluid change
Stinger: “Fake it.” “That’s what I’ve BEEN doing. Now I’m getting sick!”

Man what a vile movie! What was Arch Hall Sr. thinking!?! The plot is bad, the dubbing is bad, the music of Tom is…do I even have to say it? Joel and the bots are super A+++ riffing here, making this mess watchable.

The host segments are pretty good too, with Frank’s blood being replaced with antifreeze is one the weirder things Dr.F has done to Frank. Also Joel being forced to have his face look like Arch Hall Jr is great.

This a classic episodes and a essential episode for a fan to watch/own. Buy the DVD now!

The Movie: A+
Host Segments: B+
Episode: A+




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